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Rainbow vacuum cleaner parts, Rainbow brush rolls, belts, pans, attachments, hoses, cords, motors, wheels and other Rainbow vacuum parts.

Rainbow vacuum cleaner parts for the D2, D3, D4 and E2 models.

How the Rainbow vacuum cleaner works

The Rainbow vacuum uses water to trap dirt and dust.  Most vacuum cleaners trap dust and dirt inside a vacuum or dust bag. There is a pan or reservoir of water inside Rainbow vacuum cleaners which is emptied after use.  It is quite a unique vacuum cleaner.  Rainbow - Rexair's slogan is "Wet dust won't fly!"   

Rainbow says there system works best because, most dirt particles contain an electrical charge that is opposite from the electrical charge of water.  Opposites attract and thus the dirt and dust is trapped in the water.

Water Filtration captures 99.997% * * of typical household dirt. Water washes the dirt from the air stream.

Some materials are not "wettable" and develop an electrical charge that is repelled by water (for example fireplace ash and plaster dust). These tiny particles may follow the airstream without ever contacting a water droplet. The Rainbow Hepa Neutralizer has been specially designed to capture these particles.

The Power of Water combined with The Hepa Neutralizer traps microscopic particles such as: ragweed pollen, fungal spores, mold spores, bacteria staphylococcus, pet dander, dust mite droppings and many other common household irritants.

The combination of Water Filtration and Hepa Neutralizer technology results in industry leading filtration.

Rainbow - Rexair Vacuum Cleaner History

Rainbow - Rexair history goes back about 80 years.  John W. Newcombe invented a machine called the Separator.  This machine was made to separate dust and other material from the air.  In 1926, Leslie H. Green became noticed the Separator and thought it could be applied for home use.  Green and Newcombe joined forces and created the first bagless cleaner in 1927.

In 1929, Green formed the Rexair Rainbow vacuum cleaner corporation.  Rexair means "King of the Air".  In 1936, T. Russ Hill joined Rexair Rainbow vacuum cleaner and came up with the idea of incorporating water into the design to trap dust and dirt.  The Rainbow vacuum cleaner has been using water to remove dust and dirt ever since.

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